Build your next project
in hours minutes

Starting a new web/app project and want to launch first version faster?
SparkAdmin will help you to build Admin panel & APIs real quick!

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The perfect blend of features
to start your next project

Spark Admin provides you all common tasks involved in development of an admin panel like CRUD operations,
customize form layouts, form fields mapping, roles management, even create an APIs in seconds.
This lets the developer create an admin panel for your next project in minutes not hours.

Admins & Roles Management

Create unlimited admins, create and set roles for each admin.

CRUD Management

All the basic actions like create, read, update, and delete to have full control over your data.

API Management

Generate REST API requests from your database without any coding.

Table view Managment

Built in search function and filters lets you quickly retreive specific data you need.

CSV/Import Export

Import large datasets or export your data into CSV format.

Forms Management

Customize your forms to turn any field into Rich Editor, Drop downs, toggle, checkboxes etc

Layout Management

Customize your detail, form layout in any way, you want to match your requirements.

Dashboard Managment

Create data counters, graphs, charts and specific table view sections.

Email Management

Manage your SMTP Settings and create unlimited email templates with shortcodes.

Themes Support

Sparkadmin comes with built in themes support. We will keep on provide new themes.

Menu Management

With SparkAdmin you can create unlimited menus in three different placements.

Settings Management

Create unlimited settings for your web/app from our settings management.


Take a look at some of the product screenshots before you make any decision to buy.

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